Thursday, June 14, 2012

Marie Antoinette Inspired Bathroom

Marie Antoinette has always been a famous design inspiration specially. It even became more popular when Sofia Coppola made the movie starring Kirsten Dunst. Furniture pieces with ornate details during her time exude elegance which makes a room very classy.



Here are key features for a Marie Antoinette inspired bathroom:

Based from the movie snippets that I showed, the dominants colors where in pastels. Mostly light blue and light pink with cream and accents of gold.


For the bathroom counter, it's nice to use white solid surface or white marble for the counter top for that expensive hotel-like look. And then white painted wood for the cabinets and drawers. The bathroom counter may also serve as your vanity counter so you might as well place a nice chair with tufting if your space is wide enough to accommodate one.

Floral Accents
Flowers can bring a fresh feeling to your bathroom. I like peonies, carnations, and pink and white roses. It would also look cute if you place these flowers on mason jars or any glass bottle.

Gold Accents
You may incorporate gold accents to your bathroom through the hardware such as your towel rack, your cabinet handles, and your faucet knobs. A nice gold tray can be used to place your perfumes and other toiletries.

Wall Accents
Hang a framed vintage photo or painting on the wall. Don't forget to install moulding on the wall and on the corners of the ceiling. It adds that extra class to your bathroom.

Be extra glamorous on your bathroom. Why not install a small chandelier for the ceiling? If not, classy wall sconce will do

Shower curtains can be plain white or with toile de jouy pattern. And of course, monogrammed towels just speak royalty.

During Marie Antoinette's time, walls were decorated with patterns inspired by nature. So install wallpaper with floral motif in your bathroom and just go for it if you find paint a bit boring.

Here are some examples of  Marie Antoinette inspired bathrooms that I found on the internet:


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  1. I love all the gold accents. And the bird cage wallpaper is perfect.

    1. I love the birdcage wallpaper too! It's called Birdcage Walk NCW3770-02 by Nina Campbell


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