Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY Tissue Paper Pompoms

I was thinking of decorating the garden with tissue paper pompoms. It's quick and easy and all you need is tissue paper, a pair of scissors, and nylon thread.

Unfortunately for me, my country doesn't really have a lot of color choices for the tissue paper. Most of them are really bright. Maybe I will produce cute pastel colors for tissue paper when I run my own paper shop in the future.

So the tissue paper is 20" x 30". I made 3 sizes:
- The smallest one which is composed of eight 7.5"x10". Just divide one sheet into eight.
- The medium sized which is 10" x 10". So one sheet produces six squares. I used 2 sheets for the pompom. I guess the more sheets you use, the fluffier it will look.
- The large one which is 15" x 20". One sheet makes 2. So I used 4-5 sheets for this.
- I guess you can also make super-sized pompoms from eight 20" x 30" sheets. I didn't do it though cos I only have 2 packs of 10 sheets.

Next is you stack the sheets, then make alternating folds like an accordion at about  1" to 1 1/2".

Then you trim the ends into rounded edge or pointy edge. I think the pointy edge will make your "petals" more defined. Cut a slit on each side at the middle of the folded paper.

Tie the center of the tissue paper, where you just cut the slits, with a nylon thread or maybe a thin wire if you have any. Spread them up, like angel wings.

Then carefully pull each sheet towards the center one at a time. If you accidentally tear a sheet, that's okay. It's not like a craft inspector is going to look at your work and criticize you. Anyway, even out the petals once you have pulled all sheets.

Then tie a long nylon thread at the middle so you can hang them anywhere.

It's really easy! I noticed in Pinterest that these tissue paper pompoms are popular decorations for outdoor weddings and birthday parties. The small pompoms can also be arranged into a garland. I hung my pompoms at our patio and hopefully it will not rain too hard, I don't think the tissue paper will last long in a rainy day.


  1. This is really fun! I've been wanting to create my own pompoms but I dont have a place to hang them to. Have you tried using japanese paper for this?


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