Saturday, June 23, 2012

DIY Paper Flowers

I absolutely love to use flowers as accessories in a room but I also hate the fact that they eventually wilt and lose their color. An alternative solution to that wilting-flowers issue is to make your own paper flowers instead. I searched the internet for instructions on paper flowers and have found two styles that look totally real.

1. Watercolor Paper Roses

I found instructions on marthastewart on how to do the coffee filter roses. Also here is a video from JenMarissa and it's easy to understand

- First you need to download the templates hereYou will need eight coffee filters for a full bloom.
- Trace the template on your coffee filters and cut them. After this wrap the coffee filter petals around the wire (in order). Secure them with tape for every petal
- Paint the petals with the base color using water color. Make sure your paint is has plenty of water because the coffee filter is very absorbent.
- Once it has dried out, your can paint the edges of the petals with a different color. And let it dry once more.
- After your flower has been fully dried out, your can open up the petals by gently pulling them so that your flower can have a full bloom look.

I went crazy with the watercolor that's why my paper roses look "watercolory"

2. Cupcake Liner Peonies

I found the instructions for the paper peonies through Michella Marie. She used coffee filters but in my case, since I don't have that kind of coffee filter, I just used cupcake liners. The liners are pretty thin so I had to be extra careful.

- Fold the cupcake liners and round the edges.  I only have one size of cupcake liner so for the first few layers, you might want to cut the liner shorter. 
- Pinch and twist the liners one by one and midway, wrap the end with floral tape. Then keep adding the next layers until it's done.


  1. Love making flowers, too! Yours are lovely!
    Thanks for taking the time to write me, I really appreciated!

    1. Thank you, Monica for visiting my blog :)

  2. What a beautiful baby. She made me laugh. I must say you gave the best tutorial I've seen on this and I looked at about a bagillion and ten. I also hated the floral tape and used hot glue instead but now I want to try duct tape.


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