Thursday, June 7, 2012

Backyard Hangout

It's fun to stay outdoors and just by hanging out in your backyard or garden, you get to breathe fresh air and get your good dose of sunshine. And by adding some accessories to your backyard, it can provide opportunities for you to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family. Here are some ideas that you can use for your backyard:

1. Light it up

Place votive candles in your backyard to light up a nice garden party. Citronella candles can provide protection from mosquito bites. This mason jar votive is a nice centerpiece on your outdoor dinner table.

Aside from votive candles, hanging garden lanterns is also a good idea for party lighting. If you have a tree at home, you can hang lanterns on the branches.

2. Swing high swing low

Build a swing or a hammock in your garden. This will surely be a key item in your backyard that children and even adults would want to sit on all day. Add some pillows so you can relax and read a book.

3. Build a birdhouse

If you love to hear chirping sounds in the morning, how about building a house for your friendly flying neighbor? We love birds!

From duncraft

4. Pots and Planters

Some outdoor spaces do not have ground to plant on. That's okay, you plant your flowers, herbs and veggies on pots and planters. Hang rows of planters on the wall and it would look like this:


If you are planning to grow your own herbs, you can easily identify them by painting the  clay pots with chalkboard paint and labeling them with chalk.

5. Your outdoor bedroom

If you have an old sturdy bed that is not being used anymore, you can place it outdoors and thrown in tons of fluffly pillows. You can take a nap in the garden, or even lie down while watching over your kids play.

6. Get in the mood

Of course an outdoor hangout isn't complete without music. An iPod dock or a simple radio is a necessity to get your guests in the mood. Or bring out the projector and the bean bags and have a movie night at the garden.

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