Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yummy Eats 2012

Last Saturday my sister and I went to the Yummy Eats event at the Rockwell Tent organized by Yummy Magazine. The event features sweet and savory food by up and coming chefs/bakers. 

Of course to make our trip worth it we went there at around lunchtime with an empty stomach.We tried a lot of samples until our tummies hurt! 

Here are my favorite samples from the event:

I love that their vegetarian cupcakes are dairy free and they use whole wheat flour. I have actually tried the food in their restaurant at Teachers Village. 

I tried Little Louie's lemon zucchini cupcake. Who knew lemon and zucchini would go so well? The cake is not too heavy and the icing is not too rich. The rest of her cupcakes are nicely decorated.

This is the best chocolate chip cookie I have ever tasted. And the sea salt makes it taste even better! The cookies are perfectly chewy and they just melt in my mouth.

I love the packaging of these home made jam. Their boxes look like the ones you see in those classy perfume shops. And look at the design of the labels, it's so French! Pierre, the owner, said that the jars are shipped from France (he is French, by the way). And I love the fruit combinations. My sister bought a jar of their Lychee Berry. They even sell their jams in hotels like Hyatt and The Peninsula Manila.

Simply Pie
I love the combination of crabstick and laing!

Wabi-Sabi Noodle House
Wabi-Sabi was there too. Their restaurant is in The Collective at Malugay Street in Makati.They prepared samples of their veggie cracklings. I recommend eating these cracklings when you order their noodles.

QQ Mochibuns
I was only familiar with the mochi ice cream. I didn't know that mochi can be baked into mochibuns. They're warm, chewy and yummy!

Qitchen Queens
She was selling her dips in tub or bottle. My favorite is her Crab Artichoke Dip. Ham and Mushroom cheese can be used for toast and maybe the Cheezy Spinach Dip can be used for pasta.

The experience at Yummy Eats was really fun although I wasn't able to try all of the samples. I got really full! My sister however wanted to try everything and I just couldn't do that. Nonetheless I am looking forward to the Yummy Eats next year to explore new food.


  1. Thank you for choosing our Ultimate Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie as one of your favorites during Yummy Eats <3

    Take care and more power to your blog! :)

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog, Jettee. Your cookies were definitely delicious!

  2. The Yummy Eats fair was such a great experience! Enjoyed The Fruit Garden jam as well, and you can now have it delivered to your doorstep by Speed Regalo! :) Super convenient & hassle free. :)


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