Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quilling Flowers for Mothers Day

A simple way to greet your moms a happy mothers day is to make them a nice greeting card. Add a little special something to your card by quilling flowers! Who doesn't love nice looking flowers on mothers day?

I have never done this before, so don't be surprised if it looks bad.

I used construction paper for the flowers, and 6"x6" paper stack as the base for the greeting cards. You will also need a cutter, a cutting mat, a pair of scissors, and some white glue. People who do serious quilling use a quilling tool to roll the paper with ease. But since I'm just a beginner, a simple push pin worked just fine.

You can find basic quilling instructions from
Click the links below to download the pdf files:
Page 1
Page 2

The paper rolling is the easy part. But when it's time to cut the petals, that's when it takes a lot of time so you got to be patient. The thinner the petals, the prettier your flower will look.

In this card, I first rolled the center of the flower with red paper about 3mm wide. Then I used white paper that goes from 5mm wide to 10mm wide. When you roll the petals, it kind of makes that layered effect from short petals to long petals.

Here is an example of a fringed flower that's monotone and duo-tone. I did the two-toned flower by cutting 2 strips of paper with the same width and length, but different colors. I glued one strip on top of the other and rolled it. It definitely looks nice!

And here in my third card, I still used the fringe technique but the 2 strips of paper do not have the same width. First roll the center of the flower, then the shorter petals, and then the longer petals. This technique produces flowers that look like daisies.

Then add your message to the greeting card with a pen or whatever you want to use. There you have it. I hope this works out well for you and I wish your moms a happy mothers day!

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