Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Thing for Scented Candles

You see, I kind of have this thing for scented candles in big glass jars. 

Last holiday season, I was able to find a store that still sells Candle-lite's Vanilla Cookie. It's got that really yummy smell that you just want to eat the whole thing. I was also able to but their Toasted Walnuts and Chocolate, which also smelled good however the scent wasn't strong enough.

Yankee Candle has this nice chocolate chip cookie candle which I would like to try for the next Christmas season. They would surely smell yummy.

In spring last year my sister and I bought candles at Bath and Body Works. Sea Island Cotton Candle definitely makes your room smell like Febreze! Another must buy from Bath and Body Works, Green Grass. Who doesn't want the smell of fresh green grass during springtime? 

I'm not really a tutti fruity person when it comes to candles because I have always thought they smell like those strong car fresheners. But then recently I gave it a shot with Willow Lane's Fresh Papaya and Guava. Well guess what? I love it! And another delicious one from Yankee Candle, the Orange Dreamsicle scent.

I guess I can say that I'm more of a fruity/food person when it comes to candle scents. I'm not a big fan of flowers. These 20oz candles usually last for about 150 hours.

I like buying these candles also because of the glass jars. Whenever I finish the candle, a thin layer of wax is left out. I just place the jar in the freezer for about 3-5 hours and the remaining wax would come out easily with the help of a small knife. You can still use the remaining wax with a wax burner. After cleaning, the lovely glass jars could then be used as candy containers or cookie containers.


  1. hi! from where did you buy these candles? you're right. the jars are love.

    1. Hello! You can go to True Value Hardware. The yummiest candles are at the Shangri-la Mall branch. Dimensione also has lovely scented candles. :)


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