Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dark Chocolate with Unusual Flavors

This weekend we went to the grocery store and passed by chocolates section. We weren't really planning on buying anything sweet, we just wanted to look at the nice chocolate bars. And then we saw some chocolate with weird flavors. Of course we got curious so we ended up buying some just to try them.

When I tried the Frey Dark Lemon and Pepper, it produced three waves of flavors. First you can taste the dark chocolate. After a while the lemony flavor takes over and it overpowers the chocolate flavor. Then after a while the pepper starts to kick in and bites your tongue. It was such an amazing experience that the thought of making weird chocolate flavors became a genius idea.

Then I tried the Lindt Excellence Chili. You won't really feel the heat of the chocolate until you swallow it. It then starts to slightly burn your throat. I remember going to this gelato shop and they had this chocolate and chili flavor which actually works because you start to feel the burning sensation but then the ice cream cools it down and balances everything. Again, it's a genius idea.

I prefer the Dark Lemon and Pepper because I'm not really a fan of chili. But it's worth a try though. And of course I'd like to try other dark chocolate with unusual flavors when I see some in the grocery.

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