Thursday, May 24, 2012

Add Some Bloom Room To Your Room

Who doesn't love flowers? Spring is still in the air so why not bring in some flowers to your room with these fabric and wallpaper. Perfect for accent pillows in the living room, linen for the bedroom, or even curtains for the guest room.

1. Amrapali Collection - Jacaranda Indigo. Designers Guild; 2. Bakari Wallpapers - Fusion Gilver and Neutrals. Harlequin; 3. Bluebell. Graham and Brown; 4. Juniper Wallpapers - Gardenia Amethyst. Harlequin; 5. Delphine Wallpapers - Lauren Neutral and Duckegg. Harlequin; 6. Summer Bloom. Graham and Brown; 7. Kasa - Blue. Lee Jofa; 8. Greenwich Village - Turquoise. Designers Guild; 9. Field Poppies by Amy Butler. Graham and Brown; 10. Boutique Wallpapers - Floris Aqua. Harlequin; 11. Claire - Teal. Graham and Brown; 12. Soemba Shadow - Cloud. Lee Jofa

1. Gran Paraiso Collection - Carmen Mandarin. Designers Guild; 2. Delacroix Collection - Celestine Slate. Designers Guild; 3. Boutique Wallpapers - Floris Aqua. Harlequin; 4. Oriental Garden Wallpaper Collection - Taisho Blossom Acacia. Designers Guild; 5.Sarafan Collection - Sarafan Parchment. Designers Guild; 6. Summer Yellow. Graham and Brown; 7. Bloomsbury Collection - Emerald. Lulu DK. 8. Oriental Garden Wallpaper Collection - Tokyo Dahlia Peony. Designers Guild; 9. Florimund Wallpaper - Musette Pomegranate. Designers Guild; 10. Amelie Wallpapers - Rosella Fuschia. Harlequin; 11. Sunburst - Sunshine Yellow. Lulu DK; 12. Walton Collection - Fern. Duralee

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